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                  Renfrew Camping, 824 Renfrew Road, Nine  Mile  River , N.S. B2S 2W5                                                                               902-883-1681                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             2024


Dear Seasonal Campers,                                      

     We, the management and owner of Renfrew Camping, invite you to our campground

for the summer of 2024.   We take this opportunity to list a few of our expectations of campers for the coming year.  Our season runs from the Victoria Day weekend (May 17th) through to the end of Thanksgiving (October 14th).   All seasonal campers must have

their campers closed up for the season no later than October 31/2024.

     As a seasonal camper you are expected to comply with rules and policies.  Please remember that all guitars and music are to be shut down by twelve and an ALL QUIET

SITE will be enforced by 1 AM. We would like to remind you that this music must be kept

to your own site, no car or camper stereo music at anytime nor amplified music being played from any sound system without permission from management.  All campers

should be on their own lot for the night by 1 AM unless going to the washroom

facilities.    Quiet time Sunday to Thursday is 11 PM and Friday and Saturday 12 PM, this includes holiday weekends .  You are to respect your neighbour at all times.  Our campground runs on a three strike system and these strikes are carried over each

year, meaning if you refuse to comply with rules and policies you will receive a strike! 

If you accumulate three strikes you will be asked to leave.  However, there are exceptions.  For example, any camper who threatens anyone else will, at a minimum, be told to leave. If you have a problem, bring it to the attention of the management. 

Don’t let things fester then boil over.

  You are to make every reasonable effort to keep your lot neat in appearance.

Trailers that have become discoloured with rust, algae etc..must be washed.    If you

must come in after twelve midnight do so with the respect  to other campers,

therefore all car stereos must be shut off before entering the campground driveway

and acceleration kept at a minimum.  If you have an overnight guest at your trailer it

is your responsibility to inform them of all campground rules, fees and policies. 

Campers are required to comply with the directions of the campground staff without problems.  Disagreements must be taken directly to the manager.  The campground is

our home and we reserve the right to feel safe.

     The lot fee is $2400.00  plus tax.  Non metered lot electricity fee is $275.00 plus tax.  The storage fee of $100.00 plus tax is for all seasonal campers.  Senior discount is 10% off the lot fee only.  A storage fee of $1.00 a day plus tax will apply to all old

trailers left in storage from one season to the next or one day to the next. There will

be a $500.00 fee charged to the account of any seasonal who abandons an old

trailer. Outside fridge on non metered sites is $75.00 plus tax and all fridges are to be

kept painted with no signs of rust showing.  All other electrical appliances, toys,

patio decorations, etc., will be subject to a charge.  The management of Renfrew

Camping will accept no liability for lost, stolen, or spoiled goods connected with your units inside or out,  regardless of the cause.  You are strongly advised to not stock

your fridge with frozen meats, etc.  Experience has taught us that there are numerous unpredictable reasons for your RV to lose power long enough to ruin your frozen

food supply.  Please use frozen food up during each stay.

     Those campers who have an unpaid balance from the previous year will be required

to have the amount of that arrears plus the full current season payment in full by

April 30th.  Credit is extended or withdrawn at the discretion of the management.

Credit will not be issued to those who are in arrears.  If this is not met then the lot

with the unpaid balance will be cleared for rental.

     If you are accepted to make payments to us, the first payment of $1000.00 is

required by April 30th.   Next payment by June 15th of  $1307.25 and final payment by

July 30th of  $769.00.  Please put these dates on your calendar as to omit any problems.  Failure to make the payments may result in termination of camping.  Accounts must be

paid in full by the end of the camping season.  Accounts in arrears, will have an

interest charge of 15% applied to the unpaid balance.  We prefer payments to be made

by e-transfer, cash or cheque.


                                           THINGS TO KNOW:


 (1) Please do not expect the water to be on before May 10th.


 (2) Please remember that card board boxes, broken chairs, old carpets, stoves, televisions, building materials or bicycles are not to be put in the FERO garbage bins,

you can leave these items at the end of your lot for pickup or you can take them out

to the green building marked metals and other near the FERO  bin. please do not take

any items up into the back yard.  The FERO bins are for campground garbage only and

you are not to  bring garbage of any kind from home to put in these  bins.  Please do

not leave bags of garbage on your site or on the ground around the FERO bins as racoons and crows will shred them.


 (3) Please turn the air conditioner off in your trailers while not there, unless you

have a pet that will be inside while you are away.  This must be brought to the

managers attention or the attention of a fellow camper in case of fire.


 (4) Use propane to heat your hot water instead of electricity,  this will lessen the  possibility of popping breakers.  If you use an adapter to plug into the site post, be certain to waterproof it from rain, as wet  weather may cause it to arc and burn  

your  adapter,  your cord and our outlet.


 (5) Mothers, fathers and grandparents are given a senior pass.  All other guests who

do not have a pass must pay the  $8.00 plus tax per vehicle charge to visit for each

day they visit.  This is not an overnight pass.


 (6) Please register the names, license plate #, for the two passes you are given.  These passes are only a day pass not an overnight pass. Vehicles will be checked for passes

on weekends so please ensure they are visible to staff.


 (7) Any guest staying all night in your trailer must pay $8.00 per adult ( anyone over

19).    There can only be a maximum of  four visiting  guests at one time on your site  

unless discussed with staff.


(7a)  If your grandchildren are under the age of 19 and will be camping with you for a

one or two night stay you may put a tent up on your lot for your grandchildren only.. This also must be for a limited period of time discussed with and approved by the campground manager. These children must be registered .


 (8)  Please pick up a schedule of activities for Saturday and Sunday (and Monday if  holiday weekend).  This is available each Friday at the office.  Newsletters will be

posted on the website and a copy will be available at the office.  Please inquire for a schedule as to when the newsletters will be ready.


 (9) All children must be on their own lots for the night by ten PM with no noisy or running around games or riding bicycles.  Electric scooters are no longer allowed on campground property  unless used as a mobility transport for a disability.


 (10) Please use a wire brush or utility knife to remove any tarnish on your RV plug

before  connecting to our power.  


(11)  You are now required to have your lot number visible and posted at the front of  your lot.  This is a requirement  from the  fire marshal for 911 services.


(12) Do not leave your RV sealed up with no way for air to circulate. Very hot days

can cause RVs to overheat, damaging vital electronic  components such as the  refrigerator and the converter.  Always leave a way for hot air to escape  safely.   Do not leave a pet inside your RV unattended for extended periods of time.      

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