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Rates - 2024

Where will you camp?  Check out our 'Select-a-Site' page with map, photos & a few comments to help you pick the perfect camp site!

All prices are given in Canadian Funds. 


Serviced - 30 Amp : $49.63 + HST =  $57.07

Serviced - 20 Amp : $46.53 + HST =  $53.51

Un-serviced -           $37.22 + HST  = $42.80

These Daily prices are for two (2) adults and up to four (4) children. Extra adults camping on site and in same camping unit will be charged an additional $8.00 + tax per night per adult. Additional tents will be subject to the charge of $26.00 plus tax regardless of reason if there are extra adults on that site.  We discourage tents on serviced sites because of water and power lines and the limited parking.


All discounted rates are based on the service daily rate multiplied by the number of camping days this season.  (Numbers have been rounded to nearest whole numbers)

Discounts may only be applied ONCE per site; may not be combined with other discounts.

For Military Families - 15% off daily lot fee

Senior discount - 10% on seasonal camping  fee only


Seasonal base rate discount (151 days) 69.00%     $2400.00

Campground Electricity Fee (per lot)                        $  275.00

HST - 15%                                                                $  401.25

TOTAL                                                                      $3076.25

Additional Charges for Seasonals

Storage fee                                                          $100.00 plus HST

Outside fridge                                                        $75.00 plus HST


Summer Deal July 1 to September 4 (40%) =   $2000.00 plus HST 300.00 = $2300.00

Any fifteen consecutive days - 30% off service daily rate.



Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday only.

·          Stay for (3) three of those nights (10% off nightly rate).

·          Stay for (4) four of those nights (20%) off nightly rate.


Visitor daily rate - $8.00 plus tax per car up to four (4) people, $2.00 /adult extra after four.   Visitors are welcome until 8:00 P.M. - - after that time we are unable to allow new visitors into the campground. Visitors are asked to leave by 10:00 P.M. We do not charge for visitors over 65.


Guests must cancel by giving 24hr. Notice

Renfrew Camping's Maple Grove
tenting in Renfrew Camping's Back Field
Renfrew Camping's Golf View Dr.
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